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Undergraduate Degree Candidates

Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference.

Working with McKinsey could be a challenging and rewarding next step after graduation. Should you wish to explore opportunities with us, we encourage you to learn more about what we do and what we look for in candidates.

Please reference the campus calendar for our application deadlines and instructions on how to apply. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional events will be added throughout the year, so please bookmark this page and check back for updates.

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Opportunities For Undergraduate Degree Candidates

Undergraduates typically join us as business analysts or fellows as an integral part of our client service teams. Some stay for two or three years before attending graduate school or gaining further work experience, others stay, and move directly into a post-graduate school role.

Apply to be a Business Analyst (full-time)

Applications accepted throughout the year

Apply to be a Summer Business Analyst

Applications accepted throughout the year

Apply for the CEMS International Internship

Applications due by January 24, 2023

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CEMS International Internship

CEMS students are encouraged to apply for McKinsey’s CEMS International Internship program. The key feature of this internship—which is designed for and available only to CEMS students—is a guarantee that you will be working on a project outside your CEMS home school country. That means that the internship fulfills the CEMS criteria for an 'international internship' and will help you complete your CEMS curriculum.

What offices are participating?

In 2023, the following offices will participate in McKinsey’s CEMS International Internship program: Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kiev, Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, Prague, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Stuttgart, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Taipei, Vienna, Warsaw.

How to apply

Please apply via our website. The application deadline is January 25, 2023.

Which documents are required?

  • CV (1-page), which should include details about your education, work experience orinternships, extracurricular activities and achievements
  • Transcripts from university and high school, including grades

Which documents are optional?

  • A cover letter, which is only necessary if you’d like to let us know why a certain location is your top choice or if there are extra details you’d like to provide
  • References from work, school or volunteering

What else is important for your application?

  • School: When asked for your most recent school in the application, please make sure to select your university and mention the CEMS program.

  • Offices: You should choose locations that reflect where you have a strong link—local language, work experience, education, family.

  • Language: All McKinsey offices require fluency in English and most require fluency in the local language. This allows you to work effectively with local clients as well as colleagues around the world. A link or connection to the country or region or prior work experience is required.

    Locations where only English might be accepted:

    • Europe: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm (only full-time positions), Oslo (only full-time positions), Amsterdam (only full-time positions)
    • Africa: Lagos, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Johannesburg
    • Middle East: Doha, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi

  • Location: If your interview process is successful, you will be offered an internship with international placement. The location of the internship will be determined shortly before your internship.

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