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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Degree Candidates

Consultants at McKinsey play an active role in many aspects of client engagements, including fact gathering, analysis, client communications, making recommendations, and implementation. Undergraduates typically join us as business analysts or fellows as an integral part of our client service teams.

Some stay for 2 or 3 years before attending graduate school or gaining further work experience, others stay on and move directly into a post-graduate school role. In the Business Analyst or Fellow role you will collaborate with senior consultants, client managers, and executives on every part of the consulting process, from brainstorming ideas to working side-by-side with clients to implement team recommendations.

You can join McKinsey with or without an alignment to a specific type of work. Generalists are not aligned to any specific function or industry and typically work on a variety of projects. Practice consultants join a functional group (e.g., digital, implementation, operations) and dedicate most of their work to this focus.

In a tech role at McKinsey, including Software Engineers, Data Engineers and Data Scientists, you’ll be part of an agile, close-knit team dedicated to helping you and your team perform at your best.  Working with McKinsey’s clients -- some of the world’s most innovative and influential organizations -- you’ll develop our analytics, data, and management products, collaborating with consultants to apply them in our client work.

Recruiting team

Class of '14

Rayna Chandaria

Recruiting co-lead
Class of '13

Zachary Greenberg

Recruiting co-lead

Elaine Harris


Choosing a Meeting Street cookie is hard; choosing what to do after graduation is harder. I chose McKinsey—and now look forward to helping you as you explore options.

Emmy Liss Class of '11

Campus Calendar

Class of
Sep 10 2019

McKinsey & Company Women’s Breakfast

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Petterui Lounge, in Brown’s Campus Center
Brown WIB reservation for the Petteruti lounge in Brown's Campus Center building. Please let me know if I can assist you with picking out a vendor for breakfast services, marketing, etc. In addition, please let me know what time frame works best for the event and if I should keep a specific class group in mind for this event.
Sep 10 2019

McKinsey & Company Coffee Chats

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
These small group conversations are a great opportunity to get to know us in an informal setting and discuss any topics related to McKinsey & Company (e.g., the work we do, the types of clients we serve, our Business Analyst role, summer internships etc.). Signups will be available on September 1st on our website.
Sep 10 2019

Get to Know McKinsey & Company

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM DeCiccio Auditorium
Get to know McKinsey & Company through our panel and interest-based breakout sessions. This event is open to all undergraduate students and qualifying masters students. classes. McKinsey is an international management consulting firm that works with leading corporations, non-profit institutions, and governments on issues of critical importance to senior management. We help our clients solve strategic, organizational, and operational problems in order to make significant and enduring improvements in their performance. What is unique about McKinsey is that we consider the people who make up the firm to be as important as the clients with whom we work. We seek to work with truly dynamic individuals -- the most talented scholars and the most compelling leaders -- to create an environment that is a great place both to learn and to have fun. Meeting Street cookies & cider will be served.
Sep 12 2019

Brown BA Application Deadline

Oct 04 2019

Brown SBA/SDLI application deadline

Opportunities for Undergraduate Degree Candidates

Our roles include generalist consulting; practice consulting - focused on a specific function or industry (e.g., digital, marketing & sales, operations, etc.) - and product and solution development positions (e.g., software engineering, data science, solution expert consulting, data engineering).

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