In this rotational development program, you will spend 18 months rotating across key areas of our Product Development & Procurement service line. At the end of the program, PDP fellows will be able to continue their McKinsey career in the rotational area that is the best fit for their long-term growth in product development and procurement.

Client service team

In the client-service team rotation, you’ll work in teams of typically three to five consultants to identify, and oftentimes implement, potential solutions for a specific client problem or challenge. You will play a key part in driving process improvement, delivering successful business results, and developing broad-based strategies for a diverse set of clients.

In this part of your rotation, you will grow your problem-solving skills, ranging from initial hypothesizing, data gathering and processing, and ideating actionable outcomes. In addition, there will be a strong emphasis on communication and ownership development.

“I learned the ways in which we use analytics to gain fact-based perspectives in order to make the right recommendations to our clients.” – Jeremy, Chicago PDP fellow

Design-to-value lab

You will work closely with our experts and lab technicians in a hands-on environment focused on improving the value of our client's products. Working in the Design-to-Value lab with experts, you will learn Growth by Design and Cleansheet fundamentals while becoming more comfortable working in a hands-on lab environment.

Throughout this rotation, you will learn how to analyze products using Cleansheet modeling while conducting "teardowns“—a breakdown of a product into all subcomponents and assemblies to understand manufacturing processes and design decisions.

“The most exciting part about the lab is the variety of projects you get to work on. You never know what's going to come through the door. We've seen everything from automotive and aerospace parts to consumer goods and food products. The tight-knit community in the lab has a huge breadth of knowledge and they've been instrumental in helping me expand on my engineering education.” – Trey, Atlanta PDP fellow

Digital procurement

You will become part of the fast-growing Orpheus team to help deliver spending analytics and insights to clients. You will work hand in hand with procurement experts on Orpheus software—a combination of best-in-class technology and AI-based analytics—to help clients unlock value in their procurement data. Orpheus is a global team, meaning you will be launching new client implementations in all geographic regions and markets.

During this rotation you will develop a deep understanding in spending intelligence and analytics; from understanding spending taxonomies and driving spending categorization to leveraging analytics and generating actionable insights that our clients use to capture value.

“During my Orpheus rotation, I gained hands-on spending cube and procurement skills. I worked hand in hand with client teams to deliver impactful spending analytics and insights. Throughout the rotation, I developed presentation and communication soft skills while learning technical-procurement essentials.” – Hera, Chicago PDP fellow

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Over the past two years, I had three distinctive roles within McKinsey—I’ve been an analyst on client-service teams, I’ve worked in the design-to-value lab as a knowledge specialist, and I’ve been part of a McKinsey solution developing procurement-software platforms. It has been a unique opportunity to not just work within different industries, but also gain varied experience within these very different roles. I now have a better understanding of the firm and how I can make the most client impact by pulling the best tools and capabilities.


From day one in the PDP fellow program, I have had a family-like community surrounding me at McKinsey. This community has provided me apprenticeship and friendship and continues to help me grow.


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