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Product Manager, Bengaluru


For more than a decade, Jyoti has been shaping his own McKinsey, starting as a self-proclaimed “bug fixer” and evolving into a project manager using his talents to develop McKinsey IP solutions.


The firm spends tons of energy hiring the best people, so once you are with us, you’re granted the autonomy, freedom, and confidence to shape your own McKinsey.

I received my bachelor’s in computer science and always wanted to be a technical analyst. I spent two years as an analyst in another organization before joining McKinsey in 2007, as a bug-fixing IT support-team member.

At first, my role was focused on internal projects, and I solved technical problems related to our firm members and esource catalogue.

Making the transition to product management

In 2010, I wanted to expand my expertise into product management. Leaders I worked with helped me upskill to my software-development skills, so my role could evolve into a product owner and product-analyst position.

We began to offer more digital support to our clients, and I moved into client work in 2013. Now, I focus on developing IP solutions that can be replicated and subscribed across all clients.

McKinsey granted me the autonomy to shape my own career

One year, I was developing custom products for clients. The next, I was developing solutions to take to multiple clients, and the firm supported me on both journeys.

The firm trusts the smart people it hires. It spends tons of energy hiring the best people, and once you are with us, you’re granted the autonomy, freedom, and confidence to shape your own McKinsey.

More about me

I’m involved with Access McKinsey, the firm’s network for colleagues with disabilities. When I’m not spending time with my wife and six-year-old son, I love to run at the lake behind my house and watch cricket. I also like to sing and play music, and I’ve even performed at McKinsey events.


University Maharaja College
BS, botany, chemistry, zoology

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