Access McKinsey

About Our Network

Equitable opportunity, meaningful impact, a community of understanding

We founded Access McKinsey to support colleagues with disabilities. Spanning the globe, our members include colleagues with visible disabilities like mobility impairments, as well as non-visible disabilities like learning disabilities and chronic health conditions.

Access McKinsey provides a welcoming network ready to exchange ideas and experiences or just listen empathetically. We share best practices and raise awareness of disability inclusion to ensure that people with disabilities are supported to develop, achieve, and contribute their full potential to our firm and our clients.

What we do

Our goals are the following:

  • recruiting, developing, advancing, and retaining talented individuals with disabilities
  • providing practical support and a welcoming community to colleagues with disabilities
  • raising awareness of disability issues across our firm by sharing best practices for inclusion of colleagues and clients with disabilities

Visit our FAQs for further details on how to navigate McKinsey with a disability.

Learn more

John on Access McKinsey

How does McKinsey support colleagues with disabilities? What types of disabilities exist? How can you be an ally? John, a digital analyst, answers these questions and more.