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Senior Knowledge Content CoordinatorTampa - Service Center


Senior Knowledge Content CoordinatorTampa - Service Center

I joined McKinsey as a knowledge content coordinator based in Tampa. My academic background is library science, and I am a member of a global team of knowledge professionals who are responsible for content management. I’ve developed and delivered training on content curation to colleagues all over the world, and I’ve created content ranging from articles to videos to educate my colleagues on how to best manage their data. I’m also responsible for several side-projects related to knowledge management. 

I’m an avid reader with an intense curiosity about the world. I’m happiest when I am absorbed in a new topic and researching it obsessively. I’m passionate about politics and culture and I love to travel. I’m always exploring new places, whether they are new countries, local nature preserves and state parks, historic sites, or even ghost towns. I find beauty everywhere I go and I’ve been teaching myself photography so I can document my experiences and share them with the world.


In the firm, we always talk about “making your own McKinsey,” and I feel like I should be the poster child for that phrase. There have been more opportunities to explore my interests and develop my skills here than anywhere else I’ve worked previously. I enjoy history, so I chose to volunteer with our firm’s archivist and learn how we preserve and organize our firm’s historical documents. I am proud of my communication skills, so I carved a niche for myself within my team as a writer, trainer, and content creator for materials which help colleagues navigate content curation. In my role, I consistently get to invest my time in projects which pique my interest.


One of the projects I’m proudest of is becoming a trainer. Before working here, I had no experience delivering training and had a lot of trepidation about whether I could do the job well. From the beginning, I was supported by my team and the learning coordinators. My team worked with me to refine the training materials I developed, and the learning coordinators acted as an audience for my rehearsals and gave me useful feedback, resources, and best practices to learn from. They met with me before each training session to make sure I was comfortable and ready, and afterward to discuss what I did well and what I could improve next time. Thanks to this support, I delivered multiple training sessions for colleagues all over the world for which I have received positive feedback. I’m proud of myself for working hard and pushing myself outside my comfort zone to become a trainer, but I could not have succeeded without the help and encouragement of my remarkable colleagues.


Last year I was selected to be the first person from my office to take part in a program that would send me to live and work in another country for three months. During the time I spent in Poland, I delivered training sessions, documented my experiences through videos, and took part in one-on-one discussions with colleagues about how I could help them meet their knowledge curation goals. I visited six countries, several Polish cities, and countless historic and cultural sites, and developed friendships which I still cherish. I feel grateful about the experience and to work for a firm that was willing to invest in me in such a meaningful way.


I joined Access McKinsey because I have a chronic pain condition, which affects my comfort and mobility, and I’ve experienced challenges in every office in which I’ve worked. I want to be a part of changes that make it possible for all of my colleagues to work to the best of their abilities. I appreciate the sense of community Access McKinsey provides, and it’s been inspiring to get to know other exemplary people who have experienced the same struggles I have. Every time I work toward finding a solution to a problem that impacts my colleagues’ lives, I feel like I’m helping the firm express its values by creating an unrivaled environment for exceptional people.

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Fort Hays State University
Bachelor's sociology

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