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McKinsey Recruiting Podcast

Tune in to get an insider's view of McKinsey, hear us answer common questions, and get to know some of our colleagues.

McKinsey Recruiting Podcast Episodes

Robert on Beyond Consulting – Client Capabilities Network

What is McKinsey’s Client Capabilities Network? What types of projects do colleagues within our Client Capabilities Network work on? Why is McKinsey currently looking to hire new colleagues within this part of our firm? Tune in and find answers to these questions and more.

John on Access McKinsey

How does McKinsey support colleagues with disabilities? What types of disabilities exist? How can you be an ally? John, a digital analyst, answers these questions and more.

Amy and Caro on the Personal Experience Interview at McKinsey

What does McKinsey’s Personal Experience Interview (PEI) entail? How does it differ from other types of interviews? Caro, a senior business analyst and Amy, a senior expert in assessment share answers these questions and more.

Michiel on Mental Health at McKinsey

What is mental health and why is it important for consultants? How does McKinsey support its clients to shift their mindsets and behaviors? Michiel, a partner, shares his views on these questions and more.

Ricky on Consulting at McKinsey

What does a consultant do, and what are the different roles on a client study? How can you find out if a career as a consultant is the right choice for you? Ricky, an engagement manager answers these questions and more.

Jop on Environmental Sustainability at McKinsey

How does McKinsey foster an environmentally conscious workplace? Why is the topic of sustainability such a high priority for our clients? Jop, our director of environmental sustainability, answers these questions and more.

Ellis on GLAM, McKinsey's LGBTQ+ network

What is the purpose of McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ network GLAM? How does McKinsey introduce inclusion into the workplace and how can someone show support for LGBTQ+ colleagues? Ellis, our people function leader for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, answers these questions and more.

Julia on McKinsey’s inclusive culture

How does McKinsey support equal opportunities for women and men? What does “Feed Forward” mean? Julia, McKinsey’s partner in charge of gender diversity & inclusion efforts and a leader in our Organization and Healthcare Systems & Services Practices, shares her views on these questions and more.

APD recruiting at McKinsey

What does McKinsey recruiting look like for non-business advanced degrees? Hear from Darshini, associate, about the APD (Advanced Professional Degree) recruiting process and what it is like to join McKinsey with a non-business degree.

MBA recruiting at McKinsey

What does McKinsey’s recruiting process look like for MBA students? Get the inside track from Colin, engagement manager and Kristin, manager of MBA recruiting.

Campus tech recruiting at McKinsey

Considering a career in tech? Frank, senior manager of tech recruiting and Austin, senior recruiter, talk about the ways in which McKinsey is growing in the technology space.

Business analyst recruiting at McKinsey

Not sure what you want to do when you graduate? Mark, senior manager of professional development and Kelsey, senior business analyst, share why a career in management consulting may be right for you.

Staffing and professional development at McKinsey

Curious about what happens after you join McKinsey? Hear from Sherri and Ashley—professional development managers—to understand staffing, the support you’ll receive, and how your career will evolve at McKinsey.

Introducing McKinsey recruiting

Our McKinsey Recruiting Podcast is your ear on the inside: learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we recruit.

Meet our hosts


Sydney is a recruiting manager based in our New York office. In her free time, she loves to have adventures with her husband and toddler around Brooklyn. Having spent a lot of time with students and campus recruiters, she’s heard every question about who we are and our process and hopes to demystify McKinsey through the Recruiting Podcast.


Philipp is a member of our German employer branding team based in our Cologne office. He is a passionate GLAM member and loves to explore Europe in his free time. As one of the hosts of the McKinsey Recruiting Podcast, he knows how to coax the best insights from his guests.

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