The hottest tech careers are at McKinsey

2022 is poised to be another year of tremendous opportunity for anyone pursuing a career in tech. Major global trends, including the shift to hybrid work and the escalating demand for digital transformation, mean technologists at all levels from all backgrounds are in high demand.

Why choose McKinsey?

McKinsey is an ideal landing spot for new and experienced technologists who want their work to mean something.

Senior software and cloud engineer Gareth says it best: “Clients call McKinsey because they have important, urgent, or complicated challenges. The level and variety of our projects and the scale of the positive improvements we can make can’t be matched. If you want to be an expert in technology strategy and counseling, and you want to work on a variety of exciting and challenging technical problems, McKinsey is one of the best places in the world.”

Gaining experience across a wide range of industries, access to leading experts in your field, and the opportunity to shape your own career are also big draws for McKinsey candidates. “McKinsey is the perfect place to gain experience with many types of technology in a short period of time because our clients and their challenges vary,” adds Vivi, a digital specialist who is equal parts software developer, solution architect, Agile coach, and technology trainer.

For others, it’s the thrill of being at the forefront of emerging tech. “The nature of the work we do is super technical, and we have a strong focus on engineering, data science, and design. We’re using cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to understand data and optimize complex processes. It’s not just consulting; we're delivering solutions and solving problems on a global scale,” says Jessica, a product manager.

All those benefits and more are convincing many rising tech stars to choose McKinsey. Come join them.

Find your perfect career at McKinsey

McKinsey is experiencing major growth in our tech and digital work, too, so we are actively recruiting professionals with a variety of skills to fill key roles supporting internal teams and clients.

According to Glassdoor’s Economic Research1, tech jobs dominate the list of top jobs in demand. It turns out their top five list, based on salary, job openings, and overall job satisfaction, very much aligns with the growth trends we’re experiencing at McKinsey. (Just click on the links to see all our open positions):

Venture Beat’s list for most in-demand jobs in 20222 looks very similar, with two notable differences:

We’re recruiting in all these areas and many more within tech, so if you don’t see your ideal role on the above lists, search our complete set of tech positions.

To learn more about what it’s like to work in tech at McKinsey, read employee stories, and learn more about the interview process, visit our Tech Careers page.


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