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In honor of Veterans Day, we sat down with several former military now working at McKinsey to learn about their journeys and transitions into the civilian work force as consultants. In this feature, we caught up with former US Army Captain, now Philadelphia-based associate partner Amy Daschle about why she chose McKinsey and how she has been supported throughout her career here. For more stories about our veterans, see these additional careers blogs; learn more about Veterans@McKinsey here.

So, Amy, what brought you to McKinsey?

I decided to join McKinsey because I wanted to work on some of the most challenging problems that organizations face. I was really inspired by many of the McKinsey people I met during recruiting; they were incredibly impressive and had such fascinating backgrounds. I was looking forward to starting a career with those kinds of leaders.

What skills from the military were most helpful at McKinsey?

Two of the biggest benefits veterans bring to McKinsey are leadership and teamwork. Many of us deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat zones. We were put in situations from a young age in which we were leading teams and working collaboratively with others. Those skills have been directly applicable to my work with clients in a range of situations at McKinsey.

What most excites you about working at McKinsey?

I love the fast pace. I love the intellectual stimulation. I love the opportunity to work on some of the most challenging problems that organizations face with incredibly inspiring people. The combination of those aspects makes McKinsey very special.

How has the Veterans@McKinsey network impacted your McKinsey experience?

The Veterans network at McKinsey is probably one of the most special parts of the firm. From the start, through recruiting, case prep, and onboarding, the veterans community rallied around me and my peers. And when I joined, it was amazing to have the support and mentorship of many veterans. We continued to enjoy the connectivity and camaraderie that was so special in the military. As my career has progressed, I’ve looked for opportunities to pay it forward.

Any advice to share with other military members who might be considering consulting?

The most common question I get when I talk to veterans (and non-military) is, ‘What keeps you at McKinsey?’ As veterans, we have a shared goal to serve our country, give back, and work toward a higher purpose. Trying to find something similar outside of the military is quite challenging, but I’ve found that sense of meaning at McKinsey. I've worked on large-scale transformations and helped organizations fundamentally change on multiple levels to have holistic impact across all levels of the client, its community, and the environment. That’s proven to be very meaningful. Even though I’m no longer in the military, I’m continually able to give back in different ways.

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