A team of natural leaders.

About our network

From active duty to proactive service.

Veterans@McKinsey supports people from all branches of military service around the world. Our goal is to create a vibrant community of leaders with a shared experience of military service.

McKinsey has always been a great place for veterans, and the number of veterans at the firm increases every year. Veterans come to us from various branches and roles, including infantry, special operations, flight, intelligence, and naval nuclear operations.

At McKinsey, people with military experience find their active-duty skills have direct applications in client service. Whether they’re helping improve frontline operations at an oil refinery, briefing a CEO on a strategic initiative, or challenging a team of clients and McKinsey consultants to solve a complex problem, veterans find their military skills are relevant and valued.

Meet some of our Veterans

What We Do

As a vibrant and growing affinity group, Veterans@McKinsey aims to:

  • attract and retain veterans
  • create a community of peers who understand the military-to-private sector transition and support veterans joining McKinsey
  • encourage and celebrate McKinsey veterans in the military reserves
  • support external organizations that help veterans as they return home

How we do it: Recruiting

Members of Veterans@McKinsey know the challenges of transitioning from a military to a civilian career and help coach veterans interested in applying to McKinsey. Our veterans are often at campus recruiting events and at special events such as the Service Academy Career Conference in the United States. For many veterans, consulting is a brand-new career option, so we encourage you to explore this option by speaking to McKinsey people about their post military careers. While the application process may be unfamiliar, we have hundreds of veterans around the world who want to help you make a successful transition.

How we do it: Connectivity and support

Our commitment to the success of veterans at the firm is profound. Amy, a graduate of both West Point and Wharton, says it best: “Since I came to McKinsey in the summer of 2014, West Point classmates and other veterans have reached out to offer support, take time to get to know me and my goals, and step forward as mentors and advisors.”

Veterans@McKinsey is also committed to serving veterans outside the firm by supporting organizations for wounded veterans and assisting veterans transitioning from military to civilian life.