Wave for M&A Integrations

Track the progress of cross-team initiatives in real time, measure their impact, and ensure the integration’s objectives are fully realized

Companies undergoing a merger face a number of management challenges: executive teams need to delegate decisions and monitor the activities of numerous teams, while simultaneously ensuring all the integration’s synergies are fully realized. Wave’s M&A Integrations solution solves these problems by acting as the central location for integration planning, decision tracking, and monitoring value capture.

Integration plan

Create integration plans for functional teams, align around regulations and governance specifics, and set a calendar of key milestones and deliverables.
Merger Management

Value capture

Identify opportunities for synergies and savings, rigorously track initiative progress, and measure the impact to the overall program.
Merger Management

Decision tracking

Log all the decisions that need to be made in the context of the merger, assign team members to specific decisions, and monitor the pace with which your team moves through the decision backlog.

We have one source of truth and one process.... [Wave] gives us a level of transparency that I’ve never seen. It allows us to talk in the same language and track our progress week to week.

Chief integration officer of a Fortune 500 technology company

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Integration expertise

Wave is designed around key learnings from McKinsey’s vast experience in M&A Integrations. Our team of experts help configure Wave, structure a program to accelerate delivery, and quickly deploy the solution for each organization.

Granular tracking

Wave’s integrated dashboard allows executives to manage a complex hierarchy of tasks, track their progress through well-defined pipeline stages, and identify the initiatives that are at-risk of falling behind.

Powerful M&A Integration features

Companies use Wave to communicate initiative dependencies across teams, triage incoming requests, assign initiative owners, and monitor initiative progress against deadlines.

Our impact



We help clients realize maximum deal value from mergers—by tapping the right synergies, building capabilities, shaping the new culture, and speeding up integration.

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