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Pharmaceutical conglomerate acquires global pharmaceutical and medical-device company






billion in synergies


Looking to continue its commitment to create shareholder value, deliver incremental revenue, and diversify its product portfolio, the pharmaceutical conglomerate acquired a global pharmaceutical and medical-device company, estimating a value of approximately $17 billion.

The organization’s in-house, expert integration team needed a solution that could track critical merger tasks and be used to track planned versus actual synergies.


Wave’s proprietary merger-management configuration was deployed prior to day one to ensure accountability and tracking of key action items and synergies across more than 20 workstreams.

Wave enabled a simple interface, customized to client needs, enabling tracking of long term initiatives across various categories including:

  • Geographic expansion
  • Tax benefits
  • New product launches
  • Procurement and sourcing


Wave’s ability to enable integration success resulted in the organization committing to using Wave for all future large integrations.

Wave enabled over $2 billion in synergies realized.

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