McKinsey Organization Blog: 100 posts and counting

When we launched the McKinsey Organization Blog two years ago, our goal was to share concise insights from our experienced partners at the forefront of today’s organizational trends.

To date, we have published over 100 blog posts aimed to address leaders’ needs related to the topics of talent management, organizational design, agility, culture, change management, leadership, merger management and more.

To mark this milestone, we’re looking back at 10 of the most popular posts of all time on the McKinsey Organization Blog. Below is the must-read list.

  • The critical importance of the HR business partner

    By Neel Gandhi and Sarah Pobereskin

    A great HR Business Partner (HRBP) is hard to find. In this post, we discuss why it may be time to reimagine the role.

  • More than work-life balance, focus on your energy

    By Gila Vadnai-Tolub with contributions from Hortense de la Boutetière

    Are you struggling to find “work-life balance?” This post makes a strong case for focusing on energy management instead, along with three suggestions to help.

  • How effective goal-setting motivates employees

    By Sabrin Chowdhury and Elizabeth Hioe

    Performance reviews can be painful. They can also be empowering. The determining factor? Effective goal setting. This post shares three tips to help set stronger goals for employees and direct reports.

  • What to do when you’re awake at 3 a.m.

    By Giles Watkins

    We’ve all been there: It’s 3 a.m., and you’re wide awake. These three suggestions can help you fall back asleep when you’re struggling with insomnia.

  • Leaders: It’s OK to not know everything

    By Johanne Lavoie and Jens Riese

    You’re in good company if you’re stretched beyond your comfort zone in these complex times. But the solution isn’t making more of an effort—it’s building your inner agility. This post explains how.

  • How to make your team R.O.C.K.

    By David Fishof and Scott Keller

    What can rock bands teach us about collaboration and teamwork? Read advice from legendary acts, including Heart, Kiss, The Who and more.

  • Changing mindsets and behavior, one “nudge” at a time

    By Anna Güntner, Bill Schaninger and Julia Sperling

    With techniques such as “nudging,” it’s possible to change behavior without restraining freedom of choice. Here’s a primer.

  • A small nudge to create stunning team results

    By Roland Dillon, Julia Sperling and Jennifer Tietz

    We put “nudging” to the test during a three-day gathering at the McKinsey Executive Leadership Program in Australia. This is what we observed.

  • Agility: mindset makeovers are critical

    By Carolyn Dewar, Sherina Ebrahim and Michael Lurie

    Leaders need very different mindsets in today's dynamic markets. This post outlines the three primary mindset shifts required to lead agile organizations.

  • How to win at M&A

    By Oliver Engert and Emily O’Loughlin

    At least half to two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail. This post explains—from a high level—how M&A winners have approached the deal and integration.

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