Executive Programs

Convening peer leaders at critical points in their careers

Executive Programs bring leaders from multiple organizations together for in-person learning, exploration and development. Our programs are designed for specific tenures, including CEOs and Boards, Seasoned Leaders and Emerging Leaders. We combine the best of McKinsey and external experts from industry and academia to share cutting-edge insights and tools. To ensure high-impact learning, most programs are by invitation only.

CEOs and Boards

The opportunity to learn from peers and a seasoned CEO in such an intimate setting is truly unique.

Bower Forum participant

Bower Forum

This two-day workshop is a unique platform for a small group of CEOs or Chairpersons to discuss goals, challenges, and role-specific issues, while counseling and learning from one another.

Seasoned Leaders

Great dialogue, ideas, and provocative discussion.

Immersion Sessions participant

Executive Leadership Program

This invitation-only program convenes senior executives from the world’s leading organizations to build the critical capabilities required to lead and thrive in a world of increasing uncertainty and volatility.

Enterprise Agility Forum

This interactive two day workshop is a unique opportunity for leaders to discuss the latest thinking on agile organizations, with McKinsey experts and an exclusive group of peers.

Integration Leadership Forum

Over the course of two days, executives learn how to take full advantage of a merger by maximizing value capture and accelerating long-term value creation.

Change Leaders Forum

This two-day workshop helps leaders identify the root causes of organizational inertia and provides them with proven tools to drive and sustain change in their organization.

Emerging Leaders

No hyperbole—this course has been transformational for me.

Young Leaders Forum participant

Management Accelerator

Designed for mid-career managers who are typically three to five levels below the C-suite and aspire to take the challenging leap into senior leadership roles. This program focuses on building core management and leadership capabilities needed to lead successful businesses and teams.

Young Leaders Forum

For future leaders with approximately 7-12 years of work experience, this 2-day program builds the necessary skills and insights to help them better lead themselves and their teams.

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