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Integration Leadership Forum

This 2-day program helps executives learn how to take full advantage of a merger by maximizing value capture and accelerating long-term value creation.

Mergers are difficult. Successful integration requires leaders from distinct organizations to align on common strategic goals, reporting relationships, business processes, and cultural norms. That’s a tall order.

The Integration Leadership Forum helps senior executives prepare for and navigate an integration. The program focuses on maximizing value capture in the short- and long-term, managing talent and culture in the newly combined company, and driving momentum in the merger’s first year.

What participants say

“It’s a great opportunity to get your head out of the day-to-day and reflect on your integration program with people who may be in different contexts but have similar challenges.”

“I defined some very concrete actions to put in practice over the coming weeks and months, with the help of my McKinsey partner.”

“Professional in form and delivery. This event has been eye opening!”

Program details

This interactive, hands-on program allows leaders to learn from peers, while creating real deliverables that will help accelerate their individual integration planning.

Topics include:

  • Integration best practices
  • Integration architecture and master planning
  • Culture and change management
  • Value creation
  • Org and operating model
  • Talent
  • Communications

Key features

Experienced faculty

Our programs are facilitated by McKinsey’s leading experts on key integration topics, as well as external faculty with deep experience leading major mergers.

Hands-on exercises

Our programs go beyond classroom learning, focusing heavily on interactive activities and peer learning to create sustainable behavior change.

Real deliverables

Our exercises arm participants with relevant, concrete knowledge and plans they can use to capture the most value from their deals.

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