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The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem

– The COVID-19 crisis looks set to accelerate an overdue transformation of the world’s largest ecosystem. We expect nine shifts to radically change the construction value chain, and offer a blueprint for the next normal ahead.

Agile delivery of capital projects

– Industry leaders are using the agile approach to reimagine how capital projects are delivered.

Collaborative contracting: Moving from pilot to scale-up

– Despite the early successes of collaborative-contract adopters, the industry remains hesitant. Five steps can help project owners... better envision the transition toward more collaborative approaches.

Beyond taller walls: Meeting the resilience challenge of climate risk

– Climate change poses serious threats to infrastructure systems and the human lives that depend on them. It’s time for industry... players to begin building resilience.

Walking the talk: Best practices for digital construction

– We are taking the advice we typically give our clients and applying it to our own construction project—and we’ll be... sharing the challenges and lessons as we go.

Voices on Infrastructure


CIB’s Michael Sabia on the future of investment in Canada infrastructure

– Attracting private capital to help finance infrastructure projects is more important than ever, according to Michael Sabia, chair... of the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Data to the rescue: Embodied carbon in buildings and the urgency of now

– Building companies seeking to make informed materials-procurement choices may confront data that are either lacking or too complex.... A precompetitive consortium has responded with a free, open-source tool that anyone can use to help fill in the gaps.

Remodeling infrastructure financing: A Q&A with CDPQ Infra’s Macky Tall

– Montréal’s Réseau express métropolitain (REM), a new light-rail network currently under construction,... serves as a model for how investors can help build crucial infrastructure quickly and sustainably.

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The Next Normal – The future of the high-rise: Creating people-centric spaces

As the world becomes more urban, more people will live and work in high-rises. What will that mean for builders, real-estate companies,... and tenants? In this edition, The Next Normal explores the high-rise of 2030.
Executive Briefing - McKinsey Global Institute

Bridging infrastructure gaps: Has the world made progress?

– Despite increased spending and pockets of progress, infrastructure investment gaps remain.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

– To transform the sector, action is needed in seven areas or through broader adoption of mass-production approaches.

Global Infrastructure Initiative

A global platform to exchange ideas and pursue new solutions

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Voices on Infrastructure

A quarterly collection of curated insights by McKinsey and industry leaders

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Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Will infrastructure bend or break under climate stress?

– Infrastructure is the backbone of the global economy, connecting people, enhancing quality of life, and promoting health and safety.... But climate change is revealing infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Build together: Rethinking solar project delivery

РLimited engineering and construction capacity could challenge America’s ability to quickly grow renewables. To win in an undersupplied... market, renewables players can rethink project delivery.

Crunch time in the North American LNG industry: How to meet demand

– New EPC contracting strategies could help to reduce escalating costs for planned US greenfield projects and avoid a potential... LNG supply-demand gap for the world.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A new way to decarbonize buildings can lower emissions—profitably

– An AI-informed approach makes it faster, easier, and cheaper to decarbonize real estate. Here’s how.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Generative AI can change real estate, but the industry must change to reap the benefits

– Real estate can use generative AI to turn the industry’s data into treasure in seven steps.

The future of real estate in a hybrid world

– Hybrid work has left oceans of cubicles vacant—and had ripple effects on retail and residential neighborhoods as well. What’s... the fate of real estate in a hybrid future?

Cementing your lead: The cement industry in the net-zero transition

– Novel approaches and materials could help the cement industry transition to a decarbonized future. Moving forward, players with... strategic approaches to new technologies could have an edge.

Seize the decade: Maximizing value through preconstruction excellence

– The capital projects ecosystem has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support the transformation of economies—and can... avoid past mistakes through preconstruction excellence.

Increasing transparency in megaproject execution

– Cost and schedule overruns are the norm in big capital projects. Here’s how to uncover their causes—and tackle them.

Sustainable, inclusive housing growth: A case study on Columbus, Ohio

– Rapid economic growth has created ample opportunity—as well as a housing shortage. How the city and the surrounding region... respond could provide a blueprint for other US cities.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Empty spaces and hybrid places: The pandemic’s lasting impact on real estate

– Real estate in the world’s superstar cities has not kept up with shifts in behavior caused by the pandemic. The cities’... vibrancy is at risk, and they will have to adapt.
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