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Digital Capability Center Venice

Recently expanded to 3000 square meters, the Digital Capability Center in Venice offers exclusive remote and in-person capability-building programs as part of an end-to-end transformation from lean excellence to a digitized industry leader. The center is home to an innovative model company that demonstrates realistic manufacturing processes with real products, back-office environments, and operators that can enact change resistance, which is typical for transformation programs. The training approach enables participants to solve identified problems in a simulated environment that is both hands on and risk free. This allows professionals to use lean principles and the latest digital and analytics solutions.

The center is a joint venture between McKinsey and Confindustria, an organization representing 150,000 manufacturing and service companies in Italy.

The recently expanded flagship center is now open. You can take a look at the highlights of the Grand Opening Event on June 30th where guests from across the globe came to celebrate! - watch the videos below and have a look at the photo gallery from the day.

Event highlights

Listen to what the Digital Capability Centers leaders have to say

Digital Capability Center Venice Expansion: Follow the Construction Journey

We opened the doors to the expanded Digital Capability Center Venice on June 30th 2021. See how the construction of the European flagship center progressed in this video. McKinsey's Capital Excellence Practice provided expertise and delivered the project on time and on budget.

What are McKinsey’s Digital Capability Centers?

McKinsey’s Digital Capability Centers are advanced training hubs that help operations professionals apply, explore, and try analytics, digital, and lean solutions. From the boardroom to the frontline, the centers enable participants to learn how shifting mindsets and behaviors, and infusing operations with technology where it matters, can open up new sources of competitive advantage, power productivity, and resilience—as well as drive environmental sustainability.

An end-to-end digital transformation across the value chain

The Digital Capability Center Venice was launched in 2011 as capability-building center for lean and was transformed into a full digital experience in 2017. It's designed to help the participants understand, pilot and scale successful digital transformation in their companies. 

At Digital Capability Center Venice, participants experience every stage of the digital journey from setting the direction, through driving the execution, to energizing the organization with a well-balanced approach to the technical, management and people systems.

The key learnings are strengthened by the hands-on and test-bed environment, the digital ecosystem with best-in-class information and communications technology (ICT) players, and McKinsey expertise on digital transformation.

Lean and Agile methodology as pre-requisites toward successful digital transformation

Lean and Agile principles are the foundation to reach digital operational excellence. 

The participants are called to take part to the “From-To” journey and implement the ideal future state of the compressor production line and sales office. They are also asked to work side by side with real operators trained to give structured feedback and enrich the learning curve with insightful mindsets and behaviors recommendations.

Cultural shift is one of the biggest challenges in transformation programs and at the Digital Capability Center Venice, participants can experiment with how to lead behavioral change in a safe environment.

Extracting the greatest value from products

Digital Capability Center Venice offers experienced faculties, the latest digital solutions and an advanced Design-to-Value Lab where participants can learn through hands-on experience how to transform a traditional product such as a household compressor into a smart and modular product.

The participants learn how to identify relevant customer needs, tear down the product, identify the main functional groups, compare them with the competitors' offerings, simulate new variants and create a digital twin.

They will experience rapid prototyping through additive manufacturing and test the modular solution in the production line to fully capture additional production cost savings and premium pricing.

Applying digital and lean principles to daily warehousing operations

The “Model Warehouse” provides participants with the opportunity to act as front line employees during a transformation program involving lean and digital use cases. Participants are actively involved in daily warehousing operations, such as picking and packing, but also in a lean and digital assessment.

The transformation journey usually starts with an assessment where the key pain points are stressed and addressed with lean tools like standardization and root-cause problem solving. The participants can also design relevant digital use cases to improve warehouse performances: typical solutions are linked to digital- assisted picking (e.g. pick-to-light and mixed reality), pickers route optimization, ergonomics improvement by means-of-exoskeleton, and digital warehouse management systems.

The capability-building center lets you: 

  • Learn first hand about the concepts of lean, agile and digital in a real but safe production and office environment 
  • Build lasting capabilities throughout the entire organization for successful and sustainable transformation programs 
  • Test digital use cases as proof-of-concepts in a flexible environment that can simulate real-stress scenarios 
  • Improve your product portfolio and offerings through a product development lab that can help identify  inherent potential for a competitive advantage 

Offerings at Venice

Digital Manufacturing

Clients learn about digital use cases and have the chance to evaluate their usability and profitability. They also learn to start, scale, and sustain a digital-manufacturing transformation and develop the required technical, management, and people skills.

Digital Supply-Chain Management and Warehousing

Clients learn about the automation in the warehouse, dynamic network and routing optimization, automated root-cause analysis, advanced analytics in forecasting and demand planning and the path to ‘no touch’ order processing.

Digital Service Operations

This program offers clients an integrated, cohesive solution for process redesign, automation, advanced analytics, business-process outsourcing, and digitization to transform offices for greater effectiveness.

Lean Manufacturing

Clients learn about lean principles and experience significant change by using lean tools in the production of real products. They build capabilities to act as change agents in large-scale transformations including how to manage performance for continuous improvement.

Lean Supply Chain Management & Warehousing

Clients acquire skills and learn how to apply lean principles to improve cost, quality and service in a warehouse context and to manage performance for continuous improvement and long-term sustainability.

Lean Service Operations

Clients acquire lean-management skills including performance management and value-stream mapping and practice them in typical service-operations environments, such as mortgage processing, sales in a bank branch, and manufacturing back offices.

Digital Quality Management

Participants learn about role of quality in a lean environment, how to apply lean thinking to enhance the effectiveness of quality control and quality assurance, and how to secure the right balance between reactive and preventive quality. They also learn how digital solutions can optimize quality management overall.

Smart Product Development

This offering pairs digital technologies with the principles of design to value and design to cost. This combination, along with product modularization and portfolio complexity, allows companies to develop cost-competitive products and increase the value perceived.

Resource Productivity

Clients learn about energy-savings principles in a real-life production environment. These principles include how to integrate energy-productivity thinking into plant operations, production planning, and product design.

Leadership Development

Clients develop the skills to engage, energize, and drive change across the organization. They learn what motivates people and drives their behavior at all levels of an organization, and they practice using these concepts to influence and mobilize others.


A Day in the life of a Digital Capability Center

A unique environment that allows visitors to see and touch Industry 4.0—the use of technology and analytics in operations.

An introduction to Digital Capability Center Venice

The Digital Capability Center in Venice, part of McKinsey’s global network of capability centers, is a new experiential digital factory.

Remote capability building: How does it work

McKinsey Capability Centers offer a set of unique environments to explore, try, and apply Lean, Digital, and Analytics in Operations. When travel isn’t preferable or possible,  we can deliver transformative remote capability building programs in line with new ways of working, and to suit the needs of your team.

Capital Excellence Showcase- Digital Capability Center Venice Expansion

A sneak peek at the expansion of Venice Capability Center. As the project progresses Capital Excellence practice is providing expertise in construction by deploying a range of digital solutions to improve site productivity and safety.


Digital factory twin - a virtual tour of the Digital Capability Center Venice

Take a virtual walk-through in the digital twin of the Digital Capability Center in Venice, to explore indoor environments within a high-quality 3D model.

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Walking the talk: Best practices for digital construction

– We are taking the advice we typically give our clients and applying it to our own construction project—and we’ll be sharing the challenges and lessons as we go.


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Digital Capability Center Venice

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