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Digital Capability Center São Paulo

The Digital Capability Center in São Paulo offers immersive learning opportunities that allow participants to capture the value available from tech-enabled operations. Bringing together lean principles and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, it delivers a learning experience that demonstrates the impact of successful digital transformations.
Offerings include one-off and ongoing learning programs on lean and digital transformations, as well as the opportunity to experience the “operations walkathon,” which demonstrates the end-to-end digital transformation of a company from product development to manufacturing to sales and customer care.

Offerings at São Paulo

Digital manufacturing

Learn about digital use cases and have the chance to evaluate their usability and profitability. Discover how to start, scale, and sustain a digital manufacturing transformation and develop the required technical, management, and people skills.

Digital quality management

Learn about the role of quality in a lean environment, how to apply lean thinking to enhance the effectiveness of quality control and assurance, and how to secure the right balance between reactive and preventive quality. Discover how digital solutions can optimize quality management overall.

Digital service operations

This program offers an integrated, cohesive solution for advanced analytics, automation, business-process outsourcing, digitization, and process redesign to transform offices for greater effectiveness.

Digital supply-chain management and warehousing

Learn about the automation in the warehouse, dynamic network and routing optimization, automated root-cause analysis, advanced analytics in forecasting and demand planning, and the path to “no touch” order processing.

Leadership development

Develop the skills to energize, engage, and drive change across the organization. Learn what motivates people and drives their behavior at all levels of an organization, and practice using these concepts to influence and mobilize others.

Lean manufacturing

Learn about lean principles and experience significant change by using lean tools in the production of real products. Build capabilities to act as change agents in large-scale transformations, including how to manage performance for continuous improvement.

Smart-product development

This offering pairs digital technologies with the principles of design to value and design to cost. This combination, along with product modularization and portfolio complexity, allows companies to develop cost-competitive products and increase the perceived value.

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São Paulo

McKinsey São Paulo Office:
Condomínio São Paulo Corporate Towers, Torre Sul, 21st, 22nd, 23rd floors
Vila Nova Conceição
04543-907 São Paulo, SP
Brazil São Paulo Office: Condomínio São Paulo Corporate Towers, Torre Sul, 21st, 22nd, 23rd floors Vila Nova Conceição 04543-907 São Paulo, SP Brazil

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