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Digital Capability Center New Jersey

The Digital Capability Center New Jersey is the first in the global network to specialize in life sciences, with a focus on cell and gene therapies (CGT). CGT is the fastest growing area of therapeutics, and sustaining this innovation requires solving many operational challenges and bringing the full potential of digital technologies. The Digital Capability Center New Jersey’s work concentrates on the impact of digital enablement across CGT-related operations—economies of scale and productivity, quality excellence, and supply-chain efficiencies and resilience—and enabling a new generation of leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This state-of-the-art learning facility helps biopharma companies to deploy digital capabilities, reimagine their operations functions beyond the four walls of a manufacturing facility, and scale the changes across workforces. It features a model cell-therapy-manufacturing facility to provide biopharma companies with an immersive learning experience that simulates the journey to operational excellence.

Learning opportunities can be tailored for individual client contexts as either one-off workshops, or extended sessions delivered over weeks or months for effective capability building that becomes part of an organization’s operating model. They include observations of a simulated manufacturing process in its before and after state, deep dives into digital use cases, and plenaries in lean principles and enabling mindsets.

The Digital Capability Center New Jersey was developed in partnership with the New Jersey Innovation Institute and is operated by BioCentriq.

Digital Capability Center New Jersey overview

With a highly manual manufacturing process, cell and gene therapies can benefit greatly from the application of new technologies. The Digital Capability Center New Jersey brings this potential to life and can unlock the scale and pace of production.

Welcome Reception Event, July 2022

See highlights of the new McKinsey’s learning and innovation facility in New Jersey

Offerings at New Jersey

Digital Manufacturing

Learn about digital use cases and have the chance to evaluate their usability and profitability. Discover how to start, scale, and sustain a digital manufacturing transformation and develop the required technical, management, and people skills.

Digital Quality Management

Learn about the role of quality in a lean environment, how to apply lean thinking to enhance the effectiveness of quality control and quality assurance, and how to secure the right balance between reactive and preventive quality. Explore how digital solutions can optimize quality management overall.

Leadership Development

Develop the skills to engage, energize, and drive change across the organization. Learn what motivates people and drives their behavior at all levels of an organization, and practice using these concepts to influence and mobilize others.

Lean Manufacturing

Learn about lean principles and experience significant change by using lean tools in the production of real products. Build capabilities to act as change agents in large-scale transformations including how to manage performance for continuous improvement.

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Digital Capability Center New Jersey

Cell and gene therapies have brought hope to sufferers of diseases previously thought to be incurable, but the costs are high and lead times are long. The Digital Capability Center in New Jersey helps manufacturers experience the tools they need to meet the pace of innovation, by implementing a digital transformation.

New McKinsey center to help transform and digitally enable cell- and gene-therapy manufacturing

McKinsey’s newest Digital Capability Center will partner with NJII to focus on digital enablement and operational excellence in cell- and gene-therapy manufacturing.
Blog Post

New McKinsey center helps clients build capabilities in cell and gene therapy technology

– Our new Digital Capability Center, which has opened in Newark, New Jersey, serves clients in the life-sciences industry and helps biopharma companies optimize operations.

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