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Dynamic E-commerce Pricing

We help companies find automated, algorithm-driven approaches to tackle challenges such as increasingly complex assortments, short product life cycles, and limited comparability of their own products to competitors.

Dynamic pricing in e-commerce

Our three-step approach to dynamic pricing helps e-commerce companies not only overcome these pain points, but also embark on a journey to drive revenue and margin growth. The journey starts with an outside-in dynamic-pricing assessment and benchmarking. The assessment uses best-of-breed tools and methodologies to build a 360-degree perspective. The second step is a proof of concept. Based on the client’s internal and external data, real improvement opportunities are identified and captured.

The last step is a full pricing transformation, which entails prototyping, piloting, and implementing a dynamic pricing engine, along with thoughtful capability building. Dynamic pricing helps companies achieve sustainable, consistent, and ongoing pricing improvements, rather than one-time price adjustments. It also delivers higher levels of customer satisfaction through improved price perception on the most competitive items.

We have used this approach to help a diverse set of global retail and consumer clients see sales growth of 2 to 5 percent and margin increases of 5 to 10 percent.

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– The secret is in customization: dynamic-pricing solutions must be tailored to a retailer’s business context, objectives, and ways of working.

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Stephan Zimmermann

Helps companies with substantial online operations find Internet-based consumer insights, manage the customer life cycle, and stay ahead of digital advertising trends
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Works with clients in B2C and B2B to implement strategies that help them achieve and sustain impact in pricing and promotions