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Filip Linmans


Works with retail clients to implement strategies that achieve and sustain impact in pricing and promotions

Filip is the cofounder and global leader of Periscope by McKinsey’s retail pricing solutions, a suite of intuitive tools backed by world-class analytics that helps retailers optimize pricing and promotional activities.

Filip has led many successful large-scale deployments. Working closely with retail company executives and teams of consultants, experts, and product leaders, he ensures the tools are properly embedded and deliver business impact.

To stay ahead of market trends and reflect emerging client needs, Filip has cultivated an agile product team of more than 150 people that he oversees.

Examples of Filip’s recent client work include the following:

  • helping a major US drugstore optimize millions of weekly price changes and better manage promotional activities, including custom in-store “zone-based” approaches
  • streamlining the promotion and circular planning process for a major US grocer by consolidating data into a single platform and boosting the forecasting capabilities of category-management teams
  • building deep expertise in a new strategic-pricing team and developing a sophisticated pricing platform for a major US department store.

Before joining McKinsey, Filip spent several years as a software consultant and worked at two European start-ups.


Price Solutions Overview by Filip Linmans, McKinsey & Company, March 2017


Vlerick Business School

KU Leuven
MS, computer science