Survey: French consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Though under national curfew since October, French consumer confidence is on an upward trend, and the first signs of spending recovery are appearing.

French consumer optimism is back to levels last seen in the summer (18 percent) and pessimism has decreased to the lowest since the onset of COVID-19 (32 percent). The first signs of spending recovery are beginning to appear, with 32 percent of consumers intending to splurge or treat themselves in 2021, with plans to patronize restaurants and bars or to travel when restrictions are lifted. In the shorter-term, the pandemic continues to affect shopping habits, with 60 percent trying new behaviors such as new stores, brands, or ways to shop. Lifestyle changes continue too, with 58 percent undertaking home renovations, house moves, new financial investments, or pet adoptions. Many digital habits picked up during the lockdowns show an average 55 percent intent to continue across all online activities surveyed.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in France from February 23–27, 2021. Check back for regular updates on French consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

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