Survey: French consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

As France goes through its second lockdown, 46 percent of French consumers believe their routines will not return to normal before July 2021.

French consumers’ level of confidence is stable compared to the first lockdown in the spring of 2020. Spending intentions are still negative (groceries excepted), however they are higher than they were in March 2020, possibly in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. More than half—58 percent—of French consumers have now tried new shopping behaviors such as new places to shop, new websites or brands, and methods such as in-store pick-up and self-checkout. Of those, approximately 70 percent intend to continue the new habit beyond the crisis. Brands are more constrained by price than retailers are: value is the most cited reason for trying a new brand, while convenience is the top reason for choosing a new place to shop. Regarding out-of-home activities, using public transport is the main source of worry, while shopping is no longer a concern. Cleaning and sanitization are a number-one priority when choosing a store to shop from, with masks now widely used by individuals.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in France from November 9–16, 2020. Check back for regular updates on French consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

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