Survey: Indian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Indian consumers’ optimism has remained high since October 2021 and has reached the highest levels across other Asian markets since COVID-19 started.

Nearly three-quarters of India’s consumers are optimistic about economic recovery, and net intent to spend is growing and positive across many categories. Omnichannel usage continues across the majority of categories, and social-media influence is high, especially for Gen Z and millennials. More than 90 percent are engaging in social media and entertainment platforms. There is an upward trend for new technology, such as crypto and augmented reality/virtual reality, and consumers intend to continue digital activities as the COVID-19 crisis subsides. About 40 percent of consumers are engaging in out-of-home activities, especially among the vaccinated segment. Most consumers have tried new shopping behaviors such as new retail outlets and new brands.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in India on March 11–24, 2022. Check back for regular updates on Indian consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

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