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McKinsey Supplier Diversity Program

McKinsey is built on diversity

McKinsey is on a mission to drive sustainable and inclusive growth across all of the communities in which we work, and to support our clients in doing the same. We have a deep and longstanding commitment to help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, in society, and within our firm.

As a firm, we aim to introduce diverse perspectives into our supply chain to drive innovation and meet the changing needs of our clients. As one of McKinsey’s 10 Actions toward racial equity, we have set a goal of doubling spending with diverse suppliers in three years.

Through supplier diversity, we drive the growth of diverse businesses in a manner that is catalytic to the economy and helps narrow gaps. Supporting clients’ efforts to drive more sustainable and inclusive growth further accelerates this mission.

Bob Sternfels, Global Managing Partner

A holistic Supplier Diversity program

McKinsey is committed to continually strengthening and expanding all components of our holistic supplier diversity program, including:

  • proactively seeking opportunities to collaborate and do business with diverse suppliers
  • continuing to expand the geographic footprint of our supplier diversity program
  • expanding the reach of our impact by collaborating with our large non-diverse suppliers on supplier diversity
  • working with our clients on increasing supplier diversity in their supply chains
  • providing supplier development opportunities and resources to diverse-owned businesses


We strive to work with suppliers that generate social and environmental impact when choosing the goods and services we purchase. Qualifying diverse suppliers include:

  • Minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs)
  • Women-owned business enterprises (WBEs)
  • Disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs)
  • US Veteran-owned business enterprises (VBEs)
  • LGBTQ+ owned business enterprises (LGBTBEs)

To qualify as one of the above business types, the business must be 51 percent owned, operated, managed, and controlled by an individual or individuals in the respective group. We strongly prefer and encourage our suppliers to be certified by federal, local, state, or third-party certification organizations.

In addition to diverse suppliers, we seek to collaborate with those organizations that qualify as small businesses.

Our memberships

We are proud corporate members of the following organizations:

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Expand diversity among your suppliers—and add value to your organization

– Companies can unlock more value in their supplier diversity programs by including higher-growth sectors and promoting diversity across the business ecosystem.


Supplier Standards

We hold our suppliers to the same high standards of social responsibility that we hold ourselves.

McKinsey Inclusive Business Accelerator

McKinsey Inclusive Business Accelerator’s mission is to advance racial equity and economic empowerment of Black communities by providing support to small and medium-sized Black-owned businesses.

McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Our goal is to inspire, empower, and sustain action that leads to the economic development of Black communities across the globe.

Next 1B

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of the next generation of Black-owned brands.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is embedded in our firm’s history and daily practice.

Social Responsibility

We make our people, expertise, and tools available and work with others to take significant and lasting action on social issues.