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Environmental sustainability

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Tomas Nauclér leads the knowledge and research agenda of our Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice.

We serve private, public, and social sector clients across the world on steps they are taking to address climate change. As a firm, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote global security. We also take steps to reduce the impact of our own operations on the natural environment.

As a professional-services firm, our environmental footprint is relatively limited. However, our offices and practices across our entire operation take steps to reduce that footprint, with initiatives including the widespread adoption of video-conference equipment to avoid unnecessary travel, the implementation of recycling hubs, and locating major offices in energy-efficient buildings.

We have “green teams” in offices across the world, which develop and implement initiatives. Our central team supports our offices and functions as they initiate projects and establish infrastructure and processes that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

We collect data on our environmental impact quarterly and produce regular reports for internal use, produced and verified by a respected external carbon management organization. Our director of sustainability oversees our sustainability strategy and supports efforts in each office to optimize energy efficiency and reduce waste.

In addition, we invest in projects with substantial long-term impact on sustainability. These include:

  • the development of green-growth strategies for developing nations
  • the design of greenhouse-gas-abatement curves used by policy makers and business leaders in more than 30 countries
  • our collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund and the Carbon Disclosure Project on the “3% Solution,” which charts a profitable course for US businesses to meet the 2020 carbon reductions scientists say are needed to avoid a temperature increase of over 2°C above pre-industrial levels


How We Help Clients

Learn how we work with private- and public-sector institutions on challenges created by growing pressure on resource systems and increasing environmental risk.



The Resource Efficiency Deployment Engine (RedE) online tool helps achieve sustainable reductions in energy costs by identifying, quantifying, and tracking savings.

Greenhouse-gas-abatement cost curves

We have developed a fact base and methodologies to reduce emissions, and calculate related costs and investment needs.

The 3% Solution

This report reveals how the private sector can cut carbon emissions by 3% annually through energy-efficiency and by transitioning to low-carbon sources.