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recycling rates

in Rethinking Recycling programs (higher than in many US cities)


carbon-reduction projects

offset 743,000 tons of CO2e (2019 emissions)



on sustainability topics in 2019

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Rethinking Recycling

Rethinking Recycling, the flagship program of, aims to empower every community to build green, inclusive, and economically viable recycling systems. In 2019, Rethinking Recycling launched proof-of-concept pilots in Argentina and Indonesia that also helped create new economic opportunities for waste workers, many of whom are women.

Change in action

We are supporting reforestation in Panama

The Tropical Mix project, one of ten efforts we invest in globally to offset carbon emissions we have not yet been able to eliminate, is bringing a sustainable management system to lands in Panama. The project is restoring a healthy forest ecosystem while also supporting the sustainable production of cacao and timber.
Environmental sustainability

We are committed to protecting the planet

Our offsets investments strengthen the planet and communities.

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We are generating new knowledge to help find long-term structural solutions to protect our planet.

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