PriceMetrix provides data and analytics software that helps wealth managers grow their businesses and price more effectively. PriceMetrix's comprehensive dataset offers an unparalleled view into wealth management firms' behaviors and characteristics, financial advisors and clients.

McKinsey acquired PriceMetrix in 2016.

Client Impact

Driving advisor productivity at wealth management firm

By implementing PriceMetrix’s ValueOne software, advisors at a wealth-management firm had 37 percent fewer stagnant relationships, nine percent more recurring revenue, and ten percent higher productivity than nonusers.

Shining a light on client service

We deployed our data-driven software at a top Canadian wealth-management firm that helped advisors gain perspective, identify opportunities, and revamp their client composition. We ultimately reduced the number of unproductive client relationships by 88 percent.

Identifying potential sales conduct issues

Using our industry data to identify expected client characteristics and advisor practices, we used risk scores to identify abnormal practices, allowing risk and compliance resources to be deployed 300 percent more effectively.

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