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Data & Analytics

CEM Benchmarking & McKinsey

Our collaboration

By combining McKinsey’s industry expertise with CEM’s dataset, we help asset owners and managers benchmark their investment and non-investment performance and help inform the strategic moves they are looking to make. CEM’s dataset comprises over 500 funds with over $11 trillion in assets.

McKinsey has a minority equity stake in CEM Benchmarking.

Client Impact

Pension fund evaluating its private-markets strategy

We redesigned the private-markets strategy for a $100 billion pension fund, including both shifts in internal versus external investing as well as sector and substrategy approaches. We then leveraged proprietary deep-dive research to forecast cost implications of the new trajectory, which helped sharpen and secure board approval for the strategy.

A large asset owner reviewing the performance of its investment division

We integrated a budgeting platform for 700 users in 100 category-specific templates to generate and sustain $500 million annual savings in productivity improvement.

Revamping investment strategy for pension fund

We worked to deliver an end-to-end diagnostic of the fund’s performance and used best practices to identify opportunities to improve its long-term investment performance.

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