We’re helping build an economy that works for all.

7 in 10 people live in societies with growing inequality. That’s why we’re taking action to create a more inclusive economy through our work with clients, and in local communities.

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Insights on an inclusive economy


US manufacturing: The next frontier for sustainable, inclusive growth

– US manufacturing has an outsize impact on the nation’s economy. How can business leaders harness innovation to revitalize the manufacturing sector and drive inclusive economic growth?

Race in the workplace: The frontline experience

– Three of four frontline workers want to be promoted, but less than one in four achieves it. Companies can take targeted actions... to better support these workers.

Rural rising: Economic development strategies for America’s heartland

– There is no one-size-fits-all economic development strategy for rural communities. How can local leaders—including governments,... businesses, and individuals—put rural regions on track to thrive?

A sustainable, inclusive, and growing future for the United States

– While the challenges the United States faces are significant, it can build on core strengths to grow, broaden, and sustain prosperity.

1. Job creation statistic is based on an initial analysis of the change in employee headcount by more than 1,000 McKinsey clients globally that are public companies, as reported by those companies in corporate filings over the period from 2015-2019. This data does not include employee headcount data from clients that are privately-held companies, government entities, or non-profits as such data is not consistently available."