Our People

Practice leaders

Anjan Asthana

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey's Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in the Americas. Advises senior executives at electric and gas utilities, helping them...

Thomas Vahlenkamp

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Advises clients on corporate strategy, organization, operational transformation, energy trading, risk management, and capital-expenditure optimization

Antonio Volpin

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads our work in Electric Power and Natural Gas Practice in Asia Pacific, serving clients in the electric power, natural gas, and water sectors...

Our people

Adrian Booth

Partner, San Francisco
Serves power and gas utilities, infrastructure owners, such as investors and developers, technology solution providers, regulators, and others...

Hortense de la Boutetière

Partner, Paris
Focuses on performance transformations of large organizations facing discontinuities, in particular in the energy and healthcare sectors

Arnout de Pee

Partner, Amsterdam
Brings in-depth expertise in the energy sector, serving global leaders and running projects across every facet of the industry; leads a diverse...

Peter de Wit

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Leads McKinsey’s Western Europe office. Deeply committed to developing leaders in client organizations, within McKinsey, and in the broader society.

Anton Derkach

Partner, Houston
Serves clients in North America electric power utilities, retail, technology and equipment manufacturing, EPC firms, and financial players, focusing...

Harald Fanderl

Partner, Munich
Works with clients on commercial and customer experience transformations that drive above-market growth.

David González

Partner, Madrid
Brings extensive expertise in utilities and oil and gas to his work on strategy, operations, regulation, and organization.

Anna Granskog

Partner, Helsinki
Extensive experience in the electricity, basic materials, and engineering industry sectors with particular focus on strategy and organizational...

Rajat Gupta

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey’s Energy and Materials Practice in Asia. Helps companies in emerging markets transform their performance, achieve breakout growth,...

Sven Heiligtag

Partner, Hamburg
Advises energy and natural resources clients on wholesale marketing and trading, performance transformation, reorganization, portfolio optimization,...

Stefan Helmcke

Senior Partner, Vienna
Deep expertise across the entire energy and utility space, including oil and gas upstream, power generation and distribution, and water and waste.

Mike Juden

Senior Expert, Houston
A leading authority on natural gas markets with more than 20 years’ experience advising clients across the value chain

Paul Kolter

Partner, Houston
Advises energy clients, particularly in the electric utility and power generation sectors, including fossil, nuclear and wind power.

Sébastien Léger

Partner, Paris
Specializes in the long-term evolution of the energy markets and technologies. He leads the firm's Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice...

Alberto Marchi

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises global and regional energy companies on challenges involving organization, strategy, risk, and regulation

Michele Pani

Partner, Singapore
Co-leads our work in Electric Power and Natural Gas in Southeast Asia, supporting clients on a range of issues including strategy, operational...

Matthew Parsons

Partner, Philadelphia
A leader of our work on nuclear power and capital projects in the global energy industry

Matt Rogers

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Applies over two decades of experience in the energy sector to help companies deliver performance, grow, and innovate

Filippo Rossi

Senior Partner, Paris
Brings deep knowledge of infrastructure and production operations in the electric power and natural gas industries

Paul Sheng

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Advises senior executives of leading national and international oil companies, exploration and production companies, private-equity firms, and...

Stephan Solzhenitsyn

Senior Partner, Moscow
Leading expert in electric power, energy-saving technologies, and government regulation. Has served the largest electric-power generating companies...

Humayun Tai

Senior Partner, New York
Serves major utility and energy technology clients across a variety of strategic, organizational and operational issues ranging from emerging...

Christer Tryggestad

Senior Partner, Oslo
Serves a variety of clients across the energy sector (oil, gas, electricity, renewables and CO2) on strategy, organization, and operations topics.

Alexander Weiss

Senior Partner, Berlin
Alexander jointly leads our work in capital projects for the Electrical Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) Practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa...

David Xu

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Advises energy and electricity companies, both in China and internationally, on strategic planning, organizing for performance, and transforming...