About Eelco

Eelco welcomes the digital revolution, which is opening up disruptive opportunities for the power industry. As co-leader of our North American Digital Utility Practice, he works to position utilities favorably in a world characterized by flat load growth, increasing cost pressures, and rising customer expectations.

In his capacity as a consultant, Eelco works with electric utilities and other large industrial companies to drive innovation and change at scale. Working in partnership with CIOs, he looks for opportunities to implement principles such as lean IT, agile, DevOps, and the increased use of cloud technology. At the same time, he is helping business leaders to deploy these disruptions to build completely reimagined customer journeys and internal processes.

For example, Eelco is currently working with several leading US utilities on large-scale transformations to implement lean IT, agile, and DevOps principles. In recent years, he has helped utilities to streamline their IT departments and capture cost reductions of up to 25 percent.

Eelco, who is passionate about music, has worked with his native Holland’s Museum Speelklok to organize exhibitions on musical history across Europe and Asia.


Harvard Business School
MBA, strategy and operations

Utrecht University
BA, MA, musicology