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Michael Conway

Senior PartnerPhiladelphia

Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public, social, and private sectors to address strategic, organizational, and operational challenges

After leading McKinsey’s Global Public Health Practice for 12 years, Michael now leads an initiative to enhance our capabilities in international development consulting across the world. He joined McKinsey in 1993, and has worked in the Chicago, Brussels, Oslo, New Jersey, and Philadelphia offices.

Michael has led numerous global healthcare projects for international institutions, with many projects focused on Africa, India, Meso-America, and China. These have spanned the breadth of issues faced by public health organizations within the government and social sector.

His public health clients have included major foundations, developing countries, multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, global funding agencies, and product development partnerships. In addition to his work with public and social sector health organizations, Michael works with a range of vaccine and biopharmaceutical clients on non-GPH-related issues of innovation and commercialization, and in the creation of business and product strategies, redesign of organizational structures, and product introductions.

He has deep experience in the development and introduction of new healthcare technologies, development of disease-focused strategies, the introduction of new vaccines, organization and performance improvement, as well as vertical programs in health systems and training.

A number of recent projects have focused on scaling up the education of healthcare professionals, and guiding governments and bilateral donors through country-level implementation programs.

  • Life Sciences
  • Social Sector

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