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Bill Mutell


Supports consumer companies globally on operating model redesigns, new business builds, and end-to-end transformations with a focus on store operational practices

Bill Mutell is a partner in the Atlanta office, where he serves consumer clients globally on sales and operations topics. Since joining the firm, Bill’s client experiences and knowledge have made him the primary point of contact for fresh merchandising and operations and a trusted advisor to several retail executives. His knowledge of direct procurement, store operations, and supply chain has led to successful outcomes for clients that are both fiscally responsible and long-term oriented.

Examples of his most recent projects include the following:

  • creating a store operations program designed to improve customer experience and in-stock goods, and reduce inventory at a large national drugstore chain
  • developing new business strategies for a national grocery chain
  • building accurate last mile costs across a joint B2B and B2C business with integrated cost structure; used findings to rapidly improve store operations and supply-chain performance
  • reducing shrink across global grocery chain while building frontline capabilities
  • building a post-COVID-19 supply-chain strategy for a multinational restaurant chain


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William and Mary

University of Hawai’i at Manoa
MS, education

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