The mining industry’s most trusted forecasts

MineSpans helps managers and investors make strategic, operational, and financial mining decisions by providing them with the most reliable cost curves and supply and demand models in the world.

In today’s volatile commodities market, reliable data is critical when making operational and investment decisions. However, most supply, demand, and cost-intelligence tools lack the transparency and accuracy that mining executives and investors need.

MineSpans solves this problem. We’ve built the most accurate, transparent, dynamic cost curves and mine models in the world to help mining managers make decisions with unprecedented confidence. By allowing clients to explore forecasts using their own assumptions, MineSpans enables mining executives and investors to uncover valuable insights into the evolutions of the commodity market.

Commodity portfolio

  • cobalt
  • copper
  • iron ore
  • gold
  • potash
  • uranium
  • zinc


data points drawn

from more than 25,000 original and tagged source documents in multiple languages


individual net-asset-value mine models

with detailed supply and cost forecasts for operations mines and projects


global output coverage

based on a bottom-up historical and forecast supply and cost model


Rigorous and detailed analysis

Rather than settling for top-down estimates, our cost curves are built bottom-up, based on robust and detailed analysis. All our models use the same framework, enabling clients to estimate supply and cost globally by commodity, region, country, operator, and mine.

Data quality and transparency

MineSpans employs a global network of analysts with extensive expertise who distill available public information to construct a consistent, structured model for each mining operation. Every MineSpans data point is fully annotated with the original source, so you have full transparency into primary sources.

Global mining expertise

MineSpans leverages McKinsey’s 85 years of industry expertise alongside the extensive experience our mining professionals have in the entire mining value chain. Our team’s knowledge of the mining industry allows us to provide the most comprehensive and accurate perspective in the industry.

MineSpans overview

MineSpans is a solution that provides the most accurate, transparent, and robust cost curves and mine models, enabling mining executives to make the right decisions in the commodity market. In this video, Chris Mulligan, solution partner, shares how MineSpans cost curves and supply and demand models can be effectively utilized for the benefit of mine operators, mine owners, and investors.

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