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Commodity Portfolio: Copper

MineSpans Copper Service

MineSpans Copper service is accessible through an interactive client portal that gives access to global cost curves, supply and demand figures, with and detailed data and individual mine models



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What We Do

Copper Cost Curves and Models

  • Highly granular historical and forecasted cash costs broken down by activity, including mining, processing, overhead, freight, treatment charge, refining charge, by-products, royalties, and additional full sustaining costs, such as sustaining capital expenditure and corporate selling, general, and administrative costs
  • Detailed cost analysis by factors such as diesel, electricity, labor, consumables, and more

Copper Supply and Demand Outlooks

  • Supply forecasts based on key parameters, including development stage, project type, location, owner, mining-specific country risk, and capital requirement
  • Proprietary methodology for mill-head grade and reserve-grade erosion, life of mine, and supply scenarios
  • Demand outlook based on McKinsey’s internal demand model

Individual Mine Models

  • Excel outputs that feature supply and cost breakdowns, including by parameters such as material moved, run of mine, strip ratio, recoveries, and grade
  • Flexing of macroeconomic input commodity price, exchange rate, oil price, wage, and power price

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