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Associate partner, Lisbon

It's a privilege to work with wonderful team members, fascinating leaders, and people from very diverse cultures—all of whom I have learned from.

Why McKinsey (after University and after MBA)

While still at university, I started looking for the right company at which to begin my career. I sought a challenging job, where I could broaden my international experience, try out different sectors and functional areas and, above all, learn fast. After scouting many alternatives, I found strategic consulting the perfect fit for me, and McKinsey turned out to be the right choice to accomplish both my personal and professional goals.

As a business analyst, I have worked on more than ten McKinsey teams—in five sectors (banking, insurance, pulp and paper, media and entertainment, and health care), in three countries (Portugal, Spain, and Angola) and in several functional areas (marketing, corporate finance, risk management, organization, and supply-chain management). The most rewarding outcome has been the privilege of having worked with over 50 colleagues and over 100 client team members, including fascinating leaders and people from very diverse cultures—all of whom I have learned from.

After 3 years as a business analyst, I entered the Columbia Business School MBA program. After completing it, I decided to return to McKinsey. Currently, as an associate, I’m responsible for the development of junior team members, establishing strong relationships with senior client members, and shaping important client decisions.

Professional highlights

I would highlight the launch of a greenfield operation in Africa as one my most rewarding professional achievements.

This was a strategic growth project for our client and the challenge was huge: to conceive, syndicate, and build a new company in a barely known market and in an industry I had never worked with before. This project was particularly challenging since the industry dynamics were quite complex, we had very ambitious implementation deadlines, and many unexpected operational setbacks. During this project, we interacted with all divisions of the company and I had the opportunity to actively manage and coach client team members and directly counsel the future CEO.

This was an extremely rewarding experience. Not only did I learn a lot about a new sector and country, but I also had the opportunity to build something from scratch and, in the end, to celebrate the final results. I also loved the experience of working in a new country where I now have good friends.

Reconciling work with personal interests

I am passionate about sports (soccer, tennis, running, snowboarding) and one of the key questions I had when trying to decide which sector or company to choose for my professional career was: will I be able to pursue a balanced lifestyle and have free time to do what I love most outside of work? Given the intensity of each project, McKinsey seemed to be a hard choice. However, after 5 years, I still play in my university soccer team every week, I play tennis at least once a week, I’ve been able to organize one snow trip with friends each year, and I still had time to start learning how to surf.

Columbia Business School

Nova School of Business & Economics
Undergraduate degree, economics