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Oskar Lingqvist

Senior PartnerStockholm

Supports participants in the Forest Products sector around the globe, helping refine and execute strategic initiatives, and improve operations

Oskar Lingqvist is the global leader of McKinsey's Paper & Forest Products Practice, where he serves a range of clients, including four leading pulp, paper and packaging players in Europe and North America. Through his 10+ years, Oskar has also served leadership roles within Marketing & Sales, focusing on B2B sales, pricing, and other commercial topics.

His experience in the industry ranges from strategy efforts to operations and functional improvement programs. His contributions and roles included:

  • supporting a fixed cost improvement program at eight paper, pulp and packaging improvement mills, achieving on average 20% cost savings in 12 months for the client manufacturer
  • assisting in another total fixed cost improvement program for a leading European packaging player that covered all support & sales functions
  • managing an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement program covering over 10 packaging plants for a European packaging major
  • supporting the development of an integrated strategy (including operational improvements) for a leading global pulp producer
  • leading a multi-year lean transformation program at a major Swedish steel company

Oskar is a frequent contributor to online forums and at conferences devoted to industry and functional topics.

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Linköping University, Sweden
MSc, industrial engineering

Linköping University, Sweden
BA, marketing