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Maxim Ufaev

Partner, Moscow
Leads strategy development projects for chemicals and oil & gas companies, focusing on operational excellence and operations transformation. His area of expertise is the petrochemical industry.

About Maxim Ufaev

Maxim joined McKinsey in 2007 and leads strategic development projects for companies in the chemical and oil & gas industries, focusing on operational excellence and operations transformations.

Examples of recent projects:

  • reorganization of the refining management model for a leading Russian oil company, including optimization of an integrated fuels production, logistics and sales planning system; 
  • procurement optimization for a leading Russian mineral fertilizer manufacturer;
  • review of the economic model of a project to apply H-Oil technology for a leading Russian oil company;
  • setting of target operational KPIs for one of Russia’s biggest refineries, including analysis of the current growth, upgrade and expansion strategy, implementation of an operations improvement program, logistics optimization and sales performance review; 
  • feasibility analysis for the construction of a new cement mill by a leading global cement producer.

Prior to joining McKinsey, maxim worked for a major oil & gas company.


Moscow State Institute of International Relations
MSc in business relations, PhD in Sociology

Stanford Business School (California, USA)