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John Leach

Associate PartnerPrague

John Leach

Associate PartnerPrague

Supports clients on strategy, organization, finance, marketing, and operations projects, predominantly in the health industries, supporting growth strategies, process improvement, and organizational development

John is a leader in our Healthcare Systems & Services Practice, with deep experience driving projects in healthcare and other industries.

Prior to joining McKinsey, John spent three years with Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), developing an international cancer center. He started his career working for a leading international marketing consultancy, specializing in customer loyalty management and big data analytics.

At McKinsey, John has strengthened his health expertise, working with local and international payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies. Altogether, he has more than a decade of experience in the medical industry, both as a trusted advisor to healthcare executive directors and as a senior hospital manager. In addition, he has supported clients in banking, private equity, retail, and other sectors to drive growth strategies, corporate transformations, service operational improvements, and more.

Examples of John’s work include the following:

  • developing business unit growth strategies and transformations for private equity companies, drug distributors and dispensers, hospitals, clinics, and care home providers
  • Designing regional government strategies for healthcare services and infrastructure, improving care quality and sustainability by redesigning access points and care delivery models
  • leading regional government mental health strategy
  • driving rapid hospital turnaround and cost improvement
  • supporting the development of a national healthcare regulator



Oxford University
MSc, chemistry