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David Champagne


Serves global pharmaceutical clients with their digital and analytics transformations as a member of the McKinsey Digital Practice

David supports pharmaceutical companies in their digital and analytics transformations—from strategy to execution, including capability building and change management. He has expertise and experience in digitally enabled therapy solutions for value-based healthcare and in advanced analytics (working closely with QuantumBlack) for commercial optimization, the generation of real-world evidence, and productive clinical development.

Examples of his recent client experience include the following:

  • developing a portfolio of new methodologies to leverage advanced analytics in real world evidence, using the resources of QuantumBlack and applying them to the top assets to generate new differentiating insights, which resulted in a series of high-profile scientific publications and the reshaping of life cycle-management approaches
  • defining new approaches with QuantumBlack to apply advanced analytics to an integrated substrate of data on patients, healthcare providers (HCPs), clients, and markets, as well as identifying the true drivers of conversion, growth, and maintenance
  • developing a transformative enterprise strategy, shifting a large pharmaceutical company’s focus from medicines to digitally enabled therapy solutions, such as designing a new enterprise-capability architecture and agile operating model and supporting the operationalization of strategy into three therapy areas through patient, payer, and HCP-back experience, as well as service-design approaches
  • leading a large collaborative effort to establish a baseline for a global pharmaceutical company’s current digital state and comparing that baseline against leaders in the industry and beyond, which included quantifying and confirming top opportunities and developing specific initiatives and use cases to capture value and build enterprise capabilities

Before joining McKinsey, David worked as an intern with a multinational technology corporation as a security researcher and security-evaluation engineer. He wrote his PhD dissertation, funded by the US Department of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), on computer-security architecture. He is also an inventor on three US patent applications for security systems and methods.

Published Work

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Princeton University
PhD, electrical engineering