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Atsushi Sorita


Helps government agencies and healthcare companies design and implement strategies and realize sustainable performance improvements

Atsushi coleads McKinsey’s work in healthcare and the public sector in Japan. He is also a geographical leader in Japan for the McKinsey Health Institute, a non-profit-generating entity within the firm that aspires to catalyze action to add 45 billion years of higher-quality life for all people around the world.

Blended with deep expertise in clinical and academic medicine and public health, he specializes in healthcare data and analytics, real-world evidence, growth strategy, and systems-based interventions. Atsushi has worked extensively with government entities, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and across Asia.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • supporting a government entity to improve rigor and efficiency in evidence-based decision making on vaccination programs
  • helping a government agency develop support measures for Japanese companies to further globalize in the healthcare industry
  • uncovering unmet medical needs in medicine regarding a disease through advanced analytics via real-world data to inform medical strategies of pharmaceutical companies
  • building digital health business strategies for healthcare and nonhealthcare entities
  • supporting a medical device company on a multiyear, corporate-wide global transformation
  • developing sales-and-marketing strategies for medical-device companies

Atsushi is passionate about making positive impacts to the healthcare ecosystem of Japan and Asia by helping public and private entities improve resilience and sustainability. He believes in the power of data and analytics to drastically improve the ecosystem’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Outside his client work, Atsushi co-leads our social responsibility effort.

Before joining McKinsey, Atsushi worked as a physician for eight years, both in Japan and in the United States. He is board certified in preventive medicine and internal medicine in the United States. He has published approximately 20 peer-reviewed articles in health-services research and authored multiple books on healthcare topics.


Advancing real-world evidence for pharmaceutical companies in Japan,” McKinsey & Company, July 2022


Mayo Clinic
Preventive medicine and hospital medicine fellow
Assistant professor of medicine

Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Internal medicine resident

Okinawa Chubu Hospital


University of Minnesota School of Public Health

The University of Tokyo


He serves as an advisor for Niigata Prefecture on regional hospital strategy.