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Anna Draganova

Anna Draganova

Advises pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies as they set brand and market strategy, purse cost effectiveness, and seek to better understand the needs of physicians and patients

Anna partners with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives to bring products successfully to doctors and patients. Given the complexity of the pharmaceutical market—with interactions among insurance companies, healthcare providers, and pharmacies—she seeks to develop commercial strategies that add value and improve patient access to cutting-edge therapies. Digging deep into brand strategy, Anna helps plan outreach to physicians and create programs for patients. At the same time, she helps pharmaceutical companies streamline their cost structures and find sources of sustainable growth.

Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • developing an integrated growth strategy for a global business unit across commercial levers, R&D pipeline choices, and geographic focus
  • transforming the contracting-analytics function of a large pharmaceutical company
  • refining the brand strategy for a large pharmaceutical company’s major product, including physician branding for a follow-up product
  • developing a contracting strategy for a large specialty biopharmaceutical product and optimizing launch-price strategy for a facial-aesthetics product
  • developing the information-management strategy for the global value and access team of a biotechnology company
  • designing a defense strategy for a midsize pharmaceutical manufacturer facing the market entry of a generic competitor
  • designing and implementing a patient-services strategy for a widely used specialty drug

Within McKinsey’s Life Sciences Practice, Anna coleads the proprietary McKinsey Managed Markets (M3) solutions—a comprehensive set of analytical tools and approaches that produce data-driven insights to inform pricing, contracting, and cost-effectiveness decisions for pharmaceutical companies. In her analytical work, Anna draws upon substantial expertise in quantitative computation. She was also an adjunct assistant professor of mathematics and has published articles in mathematical journals across the world.


University of California, Los Angeles
PhD, mathematics
MA, mathematics

Pomona College
BA, mathematics, economics minor