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We are at the forefront of driving change in all areas of the Norwegian economy.

Founded in 1984, our Oslo office is a frontier for innovative client service and exceptional talent. We advise multinationals and start-ups alike on how to capitalize on new opportunities while operating efficiently and resiliently. While our clients’ needs evolve, our goals are enduring: understand each unique challenge, build a network of the best talent in the country, and apply the latest thinking from our global knowledge base to make a difference for our clients and society as a whole.



Exploring opportunities in the generative AI value chain

– Generative AI is giving rise to an entire ecosystem, from hardware providers to application builders, that will help bring its potential for business to fruition.

What is generative AI?

– Generative artificial intelligence (AI) describes algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. Recent breakthroughs in the field have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation.

The State of Organizations 2023: Ten shifts transforming organizations

– Organizations today face ten significant shifts. Here’s what to do about them.

A winning strategy for growth investors at a time of uncertainty

– Market dynamics are forcing growth equity investors to rethink their portfolio engagement model. Here’s how they can thrive in a challenging environment.



How energy sourcing can help industrials manage record-high prices

– Energy-intensive companies in Europe are facing high and volatile natural-gas and electricity prices. An optimized energy procurement strategy can help them get a grip on energy costs.

What will it take for nuclear power to meet the climate challenge?

– Nuclear power can be an important part of the energy transition. Scaling the industry to meet increasing electricity demand will require leaders to mobilize quickly and efficiently.

A balancing act: Securing European gas and power markets

– The invasion of Ukraine has shocked the European energy market. Europe may need to intensify efforts to reduce gas demand to balance the market and ensure security of supply while avoiding price spikes.

The world needs to capture, use, and store gigatons of CO2: Where and how?

– Strategically building carbon capture, utilization, and storage hubs near clusters of large emitters can lower costs and accelerate scale-up.

When technology meets operational excellence

– A new way to operate is revolutionizing heavy industries.
Article - B2B Pulse—Global Edition

The multiplier effect: How B2B winners grow

– Our latest global B2B Pulse survey reveals some companies are combining winning strategies to increase market share by more than 10 percent annually, even in uncertain economic times.

Gen what? Debunking age-based myths about worker preferences

– Our latest analysis of talent trends suggests that employees of all ages seem to want the same things from their work experience—with a few important caveats.
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Working in Norway

A career at McKinsey is an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with brilliant people from Norway and around the world. We come to work excited to help our clients craft winning strategies and perform optimally in ever-changing markets. We welcome applications from people who are dedicated to exceptional client service and personal growth.

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