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Hubert Heersche


Leads product optimization at McKinsey globally, using digital capabilities and analytics to improve product design and cost

Hubert is a leader of McKinsey’s Operations Practice. He has coshaped and led numerous large-scale transformation programs with the aim of making a step-change in performance and cost. In particular, he leads the firm’s product optimization work and focuses on leveraging digital and analytics tools to improve product design and cost, implementing smart platforms and product portfolio complexity reduction. In addition, his work involves implementing project-production management in an engineering context.

Hubert has a passion for technology and mostly works with clients in advanced industries, aerospace and defense, and semiconductors.

Examples of Hubert’s recent work include the following:

  • large scale design-to-value product convention program at a consumer electronics company reducing material spend by one billion EUR; design and roll-out of the program including capability building to scale up the program independently of support
  • leading and shaping a company-wide performance partnership—as part of a transformation effort—with an electronics company, supporting the client to achieve a step-change in performance; focusing on procurement, R&D, and product portfolio
  • implemented project-production management to improve cycle time and throughput of the engineering-solution development in a large capital project in order to meet important project milestones and budget constraints
  • procurement-merger clean team at a large equipment manufacturer; coaching a large client team to quantify synergy-savings potential across more than 10 billion EUR spend base

Published Work

Analytics-to-Value: Digital analytics optimizing products and portfolios,” McKinsey & Company, April 2021

Capital equipment: Will further shrink bring growth?,” McKinsey & Company, March 2016


Immersive ideation, McKinsey & Company, 2019


Delft University of Technology

University of Groningen
MSc, engineering physics, applied physics