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Building a better transit system

Perspectives on reshaping the industry for the next normal, including technology platforms, changing customer preferences, sustainability, and ways to win ridership.

Building a transport system that works: Five insights from our 25-city report

– We benchmarked urban-transport systems in 25 cities around the globe to find out what goes into the making of a smooth commute.

A more personalized world: An interview with the CEO of Tokyo Metro

– Improved technology with better data, more attractive destinations, and increased harmony with infrastructure show how public... transportation can help riders spend their days doing what they like.

Winning ridership for the next normal

– Transit agencies may need to win over former and new riders. Eight ideas can help them better meet rider needs.

The future of urban transit: A conversation with leaders from Uber and Via

– Countless realities—changing customer expectations, the COVID-19 pandemic, technology—are reshaping urban transit.... David Reich and Chris Snyder share their visions for the future.

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The future of micromobility: Ridership and revenue after a crisis

– The COVID-19 crisis is causing serious disruptions to the multibillion-dollar micromobility industry. Our analysis indicates that... a full recovery is possible, as long as companies prepare for the next normal.

Reimagining infrastructure in the United States: How to build better

– Infrastructure agencies need to prepare for two very different scenarios—a sharp rise in funding or a precipitous drop.

Restoring public transit amid COVID-19: What European cities can learn from one another

– As cities end coronavirus lockdowns, public-transit authorities will need ways to increase ridership—safely. Early attempts... in some European cities can offer lessons to those elsewhere in Europe.

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Winning the Chinese BEV market: How leading international OEMs compete

– Keeping up with the ever-changing battery-electric-vehicle industry is a high-stakes challenge. Our benchmark of two international... and ten local models reveals how OEMs can win over Chinese consumers.

Defining and seizing the mobility ecosystem opportunity

– What mobility ecosystems will help OEMs and other industry stakeholders in the next normal?

Debate: Will delivery UAVs scale by 2030?

– Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are a hot topic of debate. McKinsey asked two professionals close to... the issue to weigh in on whether they believe UAVs will gain traction and claim a significant share of urban deliveries by 2030.

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Investing in infrastructure for a ‘green recovery’

– Asset managers must understand climate change's impact on portfolios. Lawrence Slade of the Global Infrastructure Investor Association... writes on how this can create a more sustainable built environment.

How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost

– The decarbonization pathways to a net-zero Europe are countless, but not all are cost optimal. We explore one pathway that could... reduce the EU’s emissions 55 percent by 2030 while delivering broad economic benefits.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Climate risk and response in Asia

– In many ways, Asia is on the frontline of a changing climate. We analyze the extent of climate risk facing the region and effective... responses for adaptation and mitigation.