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Grow fast or die slow

Understanding the unique management challenges facing fast-growing technology companies.

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Grow fast or die slow: The role of profitability in sustainable growth

– How can software and online-services companies determine the right balance between growth and profitability?

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Grow fast or die slow: Focusing on customer success to drive growth

– Technology and software companies spend millions acquiring new customers, yet customer retention is what separates top performers from their competitors.

Grow fast or die slow: Why unicorns are staying private

– Technology companies worth more than $1 billion—and many worth $10 billion—have fewer reasons to go public than they did in the past. Here’s what that means for them and their investors.
Video - McKinsey Global Institute

Inside the mind of a venture capitalist

– Draper Fisher Jurvetson partner Steve Jurvetson reveals what he looks for in entrepreneurs and explains how large companies can respond to disruption.

Grow fast or die slow: The double-edged sword of M&A

– Our latest research on growth in software and online-services companies has some surprising findings about the benefits and risks of buying growth.

Grow fast or die slow: Pivoting beyond the core

– Turbocharged initial growth is essential to surviving in the software industry. But what comes next? Here are four lessons so leaders can write their organizations’ second act.

Grow fast or die slow

– Software and online-services companies can quickly become billion-dollar giants, but the recipe for sustained growth remains elusive.

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The reality of growth in the software industry

– The leaders of Anaplan, Jive Software, and Synopsys discuss their experiences growing their companies while managing the challenges... that accompany rapid expansion.

Growing fast: An interview with Box CEO Aaron Levie

– How do you manage a rapidly growing company while maintaining a focus on operations? The head of the cloud-based file-storage... group Box discusses the challenge.

Securing a billion-dollar business

– Cybersecurity company FireEye’s workforce has increased tenfold in barely 18 months. Chairman and CEO David DeWalt explains... how to manage explosive growth.

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The ‘tech bubble’ puzzle

– Public and private capital markets seem to value technology companies differently. Here’s why.
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Valuing high-tech companies

– It might feel positively retro to apply discounted-cash-flow valuation to hot start-ups and the like. But it’s still the... most reliable method.