The state of grocery retail

The state of grocery retail

As part of McKinsey’s ongoing coverage of the grocery industry, it publishes a range of reports and content on the factors and developments shaping the grocery landscape. Our in-depth research and analysis of specific regions features deep dives into trending topics as well as interviews with leading executives.

Five trends that will define South Korean grocery in 2023

– The ability to respond quickly to evolving consumer preferences could separate market leaders from the pack.

The state of grocery retail around the world

– A survey of more than 30,000 consumers and 100 grocery CEOs reveals the challenges—and opportunities—that grocery... retailers face today.

The state of grocery in Southeast Asia

– A series of emerging trends will put pressure on modern grocery retailers to adapt. Five “resets” hold the key to continued growth.

The state of grocery in North America

– The emergence of new challenges will force grocery retailers to adapt their strategies and operations. Executives should focus... on five priorities in 2022.

Navigating the headwinds: The State of Grocery Retail 2022: Europe

– Retailers must be prepared to take bold actions and keep investing in key areas such as online, new profit pools, analytics, sustainability,... and people.

The state of grocery retail in India

– The grocery market in India has evolved considerably in the past decade. Here’s what you need to know about the changing... face of demand, dynamics and disruption in the sector, and the implications for retailers and consumer-packaged-goods players alike.

Disruption and uncertainty: The state of grocery 2022—China

– In one of the most competitive markets in the world, grocery retailers will need new strategies and capabilities to sustain growth.

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Ten Trends shaping the grocery industry in 2022 and beyond

Navigating the market headwinds – The State of Grocery Retail 2022: Europe

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A year like no other for European grocery retailers: The state of the industry post 2020

– The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the European grocery-retail landscape at unprecedented speed and scale. Five major forces... at the heart of this change came together and reinforced one another.

The State of Grocery Retail 2021 - North America

This report is part of McKinsey’s broader global series The State of Grocery Retail, an annual publication covering three... continents (including Asia–Pacific, the European Union, and North America). Our goal is to frame major trends and issues for CEOs seeking to stay ahead of market shifts. To bring a holistic view of industry dynamics, we complemented our colleagues’ insights and analyses with surveys and interviews with grocery executives.