Perspectives on retail and consumer goods Number 3
Summer 2014

Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 3

Our third edition addresses topics that are top of mind for consumer-sector executives worldwide.

Articles in this issue


Making stores matter in a multichannel world

– As the role of the brick-and-mortar store evolves, retailers will continually have to refine how they use their real estate.

Lost in translation: The challenge of global channel and customer management

– Our research points to five practices that have helped consumer-goods companies outperform their peers.

‘The business of creating desire’: An interview with the CEO of LVMH Fashion Group

– Pierre-Yves Roussel oversees some of fashion’s best-known luxury brands. Here, he shares his views on creativity, brand evolution, and how the Internet is—and isn’t—changing the industry.

Luxury shopping in the digital age

– The “right” digital strategy differs for every luxury brand, but the essential elements are the same: a strong mobile presence, a selective approach to social media, and a tight focus on carefully chosen metrics.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

The hidden value of organizational health—and how to capture it

– New research suggests that the performance payoff from organizational health is unexpectedly large and that companies have four distinct “recipes” for achieving it.

Insight-driven sales transformation

– By embedding consumer insights into their merchandising processes, retailers can boost both like-for-like sales and profitability while creating smarter merchants.

Is your supply-chain operating model right for you?

– Too many consumer-goods companies decide how to run their supply chain without first defining what it’s supposed to deliver. Here’s a methodology they can follow instead.

Secrets to successful manufacturer-retailer collaboration

– More companies can reap the benefits of supply-chain collaboration if they pay attention to six success factors.

What’s next in apparel sourcing?

– Chief procurement officers at the world’s largest apparel companies are facing higher costs, tackling knotty compliance issues, and exploring new sourcing markets.

How to win in online grocery: Advice from a pioneer

– Christian Wanner, cofounder of one of Europe’s first and largest online grocery stores, talks about what works, what doesn’t, and what will change in food retailing as e-commerce continues to heat up.


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