Global financial inclusion: Within reach

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This volume draws on our work to overcome the barriers to full financial inclusion across a range of industries and disciplines—including financial services, telecommunications, consumer marketing, logistics, philanthropy, and economic development.

The four articles in this compendium share some of the lessons we have learned in our related work with organizations around the world:

  • From millions to billions: Achieving full financial inclusion

    The goal of financial inclusion appears to be within reach. But achieving it depends on scaling up innovation from across the private, public, and social sectors.

  • Banking where you shop: Correspondent banking’s contribution to financial inclusion

    Correspondent strategies enable organizations to deliver financial services to unbanked populations through low-cost physical outlets—without building new branches.

  • Banking on mobile to deliver financial services to the poor

    Widespread use of mobile phones in emerging markets has created the conditions for large-scale expansion of mobile financial services, which will enable organizations to dramatically increase financial inclusion.

  • Addressing the middle-management challenge: A conversation with four leaders in financial inclusion

    Four leaders of cutting-edge institutions discuss what it takes to develop and maintain strong middle managers to support the delivery of financial services to the unbanked.

Download the full report on which this article is based, Global financial inclusion (PDF–5.9MB).

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