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McKinsey on Investing Issue 3 - January 2018
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McKinsey on Investing

The best of our recent research and ideas for investors.

Articles in this issue


Personal genius and peer pressure: Britt Harris on institutional investing

– A “two way” investor/manager reflects on the “Texas Way,” forging relationships with asset managers, and finding your genius.

Look out below: Why returns are headed lower, and what to do about it

– Investment professionals may have been spoiled by a long run of exceptional returns. We will find out soon.

How leading institutions are changing the rules on portfolio construction

– The world’s largest investors are determined to make the leap from big to great. Getting there will depend on a new understanding of strategic asset allocation.

Sovereign-wealth funds and pensions: The future is collaborative

– New Zealand Super Fund CEO Adrian Orr discusses thematic investing, innovation, and why it pays to be true to foundational principles.

Understanding real estate as an investment class

– When it comes to real estate, institutional investors are changing the terms of engagement.

From ‘why’ to ‘why not’: Sustainable investing as the new normal

– More institutional investors recognize environmental, social, and governance factors as drivers of value. The key to investing effectively is to integrate these factors across the investment process.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

A machine-learning approach to venture capital

– In this interview, Hone Capital managing partner Veronica Wu describes how her team uses a data-analytics model to make better investment decisions in early-stage start-ups.

How private equity adapts: A discussion with Don Gogel

– A longtime private-equity CEO reflects on the advantages of pure-play firms, how to deploy virtual expertise, and why general partners are like wineries.

Three more reasons why US education is ready for investment

– Shifts in the education landscape are opening doors for investment.



McKinsey on Investing

– This publication highlights articles on investment in infrastructure, agriculture, automotive, and more.

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